While Tesla dithers and diddles with its SolarRoof, other companies are bringing new products to market that make rooftop solar more attractive than conventional systems and more affordable as well. “There is potential for solar to be offered by other trade services, including roofers, electricians and home-maintenance professionals,” Hugh Bromley of Bloomberg New Energy Finance tells the Mercury News . “Solar in its own right doesn’t need to be its own industry.” Standard Industries, the largest roofing company in the world, has launched a portfolio company known as GAF Energy that will allow traditional roofing contractors to offer its customers a solar roof option whether they are building a new home or replacing the roof on their existing home. Martin DeBono, president of the new division, tells Fast Company , “The scale of the roofing industry is an order of magnitude greater than the solar industry. GAF Energy can now give those customers a simple option — a roof or a solar roof.” He says about 5 million homes get new roofs every year, but only 300,000 add solar panels as part of the project. That leaves an enormous opportunity for a new company like GAF Energy. It will […]


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