No vegan tacos: The Roving Refills ”food truck” sells cleaning products. Left to right: Raphaelle Lagier, customer Mia Langes and Claudine Lagier. Photo: Scott McNaughton Claudine and Raphaelle Lagier have set up their own version of a food truck. But they won’t be selling vegan Vietnamese banh mi or New York-style duck burritos. In a curious mix of the old rag-and-bone man and ultra-modern hipster street trading, the sisters will sell cleaning products at various locations in the inner west. The business, Roving Refills , is their own small antidote to the recycling crisis, in which councils across Melbourne are sending household recyclables to landfill because they can’t find markets for them. The idea of Roving Refills is that members of the public bring their own containers to fill up from 10 products including toxin-free soaps, detergents, shampoo, borax and vinegar. On Sunday, the sisters parked beside a cafe in Barkly Street, West Footscray. On other days it will be at parks or outside train stations. Maribyrnong council has given them a hefty discount on its mobile vendor permit — they are paying $200 from now until the end of the financial year, compared with the usual $1500. Environmental […]


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