If you use disposable razors, you might throw out as many as 20 each year. Gillette now wants to keep them out of the trash: In a new program, the company is inviting anyone in the U.S. to send in old razors, blades, and even packaging–from any brand–for recycling. To recycle the razors, people can sign up through Terracycle , a company known for recycling hard-to-recycle materials, and when they have a shipment ready, download a shipping label and send it in so the materials can be sterilized, shredded, and recycled into products like bike racks, park benches, and pet food bowls. The program also offers bins to gyms and other businesses that want to serve as drop-off points in neighborhoods, collecting old razors and packaging until the bins are full and can be returned to Terracycle via UPS (for this option, Gillette covers the cost of shipping). Customers who use Gillette’s subscription service can also now return old razors through their subscription box. [Photo: Gillette] Right now, most cities don’t accept razors in municipal recycling bins. “It really all comes down to economics,” says Stephanie Moses, senior account manager of brand partnerships at Terracycle. “Essentially, when it’s more […]


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