Companies are creating " fake meat" to help dial back on meat consumption. Increased fake meat sales can be traced to flexitarians , people who seek protein alternatives. In the US, about 6% of people consider themselves vegan. Sustainability is another reason for alternative meat’s popularity. Agriculture accounts for about a third of greenhouse gases . Half of those emissions come from just livestock. Following is a transcript of the video. There’s a burger fight going on in the supermarkets, and cows are watching from the sidelines. Alternative meat sales have increased across the globe. The market is set to reach $6.3 billion in revenue by 2023. Big meat brands are trying to get a slice of the pie. Tyson Foods , the largest meat producer in the US, was part of a $55 million round of investment in Beyond Meat, a company that makes meat-free meats for consumers. The reason for all this growth can be traced to flexitarians, people who seek protein alternatives. In the US, about six percent of people consider themselves vegan. In 2014, it was only 1%. The business is booming globally. Europe has seen an increase in meat substitute sales by 451% in […]


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