© Toyota Stanford scientists figure out a way to get hydrogen out of seawater. Does this matter? Every time the words "hydrogen fuel" come up, I want to yell in bold uppercase that if it is made through electrolysis, "HYDROGEN ISN’T A FUEL, IT’S A BATTERY!" And come up it has, in Fast Company, where Adele Peters writes Scientists just found a new way to make fuel from seawater . Stanford University Image credit: Courtesy of H. Dai, Yun Kuang, Michael Kenney She describes a new improvement where hydrogen can now be electrolysed from seawater without the anodes dissolving because of the salt. Stanford researchers figured out how to coat the anode to keep it from corroding, according to the press release: The researchers discovered that if they coated the anode with layers that were rich in negative charges, the layers repelled chloride and slowed down the decay of the underlying metal….Without the negatively charged coating, the anode only works for around 12 hours in seawater, according to Michael Kenney, a graduate student in the Dai lab and co-lead author on the paper. “The whole electrode falls apart into a crumble,” Kenney said. “But with this layer, it is […]


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