Public Domain Unsplash When zero waste lifestyle bloggers debate their go-to beauty products, these are the ones that keep coming up. One of my guilty little habits is spending far too much time scrolling through the Instagram feeds of zero waste lifestyle bloggers… and then reading all the comments. Often I spend far more time on the comments than I do on the original posts; it’s just so fascinating to read the back-and-forth conversation between followers. Recently I got engrossed in various discussions about zero waste beauty essentials. People (mainly women, from what I could tell) revealed the products and tools they use to keep their faces, hair, and bodies clean and healthy. Here’s what’s hot in the zero waste/plastic-free beauty world these days: 1. Reusable facial pads: Made of organic cotton/flannel, hemp, or bamboo, these washable pads replace the disposable variety and are used to remove makeup. General advice is to get black if you can to avoid a stained appearance over time. 2. Toothpaste tabs: These little tablets dissolve and foam in your mouth as you brush. They are lighter than toothpaste and good for travel. The ones by Lush are good, but come in a plastic […]


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