Last year’s downturn in solar installations put a damper on the clean energy party in the US, but that’s only part of the story. If you factor in all clean tech — including energy storage, energy efficiency, and clean vehicles — the US economy still added 110,000 new jobs in the clean energy sector in 2018. According to number-crunching from the nonpartisan business group E2 ( Environmental Entrepreneurs ), those new jobs pumped the total of clean energy jobs in the US up to 3.26 million last year, or about 3.6% over the previous year and almost three times the number of fossil fuel jobs. Clean Energy Jobs By The Numbers E2 has all the clean energy job numbers in a new report titled 2019 Clean Jobs America . Breaking things down by sector, the report saw the strong growth in the clean energy storage and clean vehicle sectors, at 14% and 15 % respectively. That thing about clean vehicles is no surprise to Tesla fans. The company has seen quarterly deliveries of its signature electric vehicle skyrocket in six years. Just a couple of years ago spotting a Tesla EV in the parking lot of your local supermarket […]


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