Over 1.5 million young students in more than 300 cities across all continents took to the streets on Friday March 15th on the first ever global climate strike. Messages in more than 40 languages were loud and clear: world leaders must act now to address the climate crisis and save our future. “The governments failed to respond properly to the dramatic challenge of our climate crisis. Our generation, the least responsible for the acts of the polluters, will be the ones to see the most devastating impacts of climate change. World leaders are losing the window to act, but we are not gonna stand still watching their inertia.” Greta Thunberg. Over 1,4mn on #SchoolStrike4Climate yesterday according to latest update. 2083 places in 125 countries on all continents. “Biggest day of global climate action ever”says @350 And this isn’t even the beginning. Because we have done our homework. #FridayForFuture Pic: Montreal, CAN pic.twitter.com/5BUGbOENXV In Europe hundreds of thousands of students left their classrooms and joined hundreds marches. France alone gathered 195 thousand in more than 110 cities while Italian students held over 200 events. In India, more than 15 cities were involved in the strikes. In Colombia around 2.5 thousand […]


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