© Durrell The pink pigeon and echo parakeet are just a few of the animals that biologist Carl Jones has saved with his unconventional approach. Ah, humans … what a bunch of odd birds we are, so to speak. We are so smart – we just landed on Mars, for heaven’s sake, but we’re also remarkably short-sighted. We squabble about things as the planet is falling apart, thanks to climate change, pollution, and plummeting biodiversity, among other disasters. Did you know that in the last 50 years, humanity has wiped out 60 percent of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles? According to WWF, as of now, one in eight bird species are threatened with complete extinction. You thought the loss of the dodo bird was bad? You won’t believe what happens next… As we are losing species at an alarming rate, however, there are happier stories; conservation efforts that have proven successful – and that’s a wildly heartening thing. But as it turns out, there’s squabbling in that department too. And here’s where I introduce you to biologist Carl Jones. Jones is currently the chief scientist at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the charity founded by Gerald Durrell – and he […]


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