Comments Lightning Motorcycles still hasn’t entirely dropped the veil on their upcoming 150 mph (241 km/h) Strike electric motorcycle. But they have shared a number of details, with the latest being the multitude of fast and slow charging options. With all of the new electric motorcycles being debuted this year, you might have forgotten about the yet-to-be-released Strike. We’ve already seen Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire and Zero’s new SR/F . But when it comes to the upcoming Lightning Strike , we don’t have many details. So far we know that it is rated for a speed and range of 150 mph and 150 miles (241 km/h and 241 km), offers DC fast charging and that it should start at just $12,998. We’ve also seen its liquid cooled motor . But other than that, most other specs are still shrouded in mystery until its unveiling later this month Fortunately though the company has been dropping hints in the lead-up to the big debut. The latest news out of Lightning’s San Jose, California headquarters relates to the Strike’s charging options. Lightning Strike to offer CCS charging standard According to Lightning, the Strike will feature the standardized Combined Charging System (CCS) enabling Level 1, […]


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