A guest blog by Hugo Tagholm, chief executive of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) You’d be forgiven for thinking that Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is somewhat of a niche organisation, solely focused on maximising the number of clean waves surfers ride each day. You’d also be forgiven for thinking that the only suits our staff and volunteers wear are wetsuits or that our board meetings are held in the ocean. Whilst this may no longer be an accurate characterisation of our organisation, it does hold a fundamental truth. For our staff and the tens of thousands of volunteers that work with us annually, it’s our authentic coastal experiences that motivate us to protect the ocean, beaches, rivers and wildlife for everyone, driving positive change for our ocean, from the beachfront to the front benches of the Houses of Parliament. While many environmental issues are imperceptible in scale or pace or simply hidden from view, surfers and beach-goers experience pollution first-hand. So close is our volunteers’ relationship with the ocean that we often describe them as a ‘marine indicator species’, acutely sensitive to the changes happening in the blue world around them. Founded in 1990, our initial campaign was a powerful […]


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