Finland has brought forward its coal phase-out date by one year, according to reports, with the new deadline set for May 1, 2029, after which coal will be banned from use as an energy source except in an emergency. Reuters reported last Friday that the Finnish Parliament approved on Wednesday a government proposal to ban the use of coal to produce energy from May 1, 2029. This will not have a dramatic impact, considering that coal represented only 8% of Finland’s total energy consumption over the first 9 months of 2018, but it is nevertheless a significant step as it highlights the growing consensus around coal’s usefulness moving forward. “It has been planned for quite some time,” said Lauri Tenhunen, a senior adviser to the Finnish Parliament’s commerce committee, which prepared the legislation, speaking to Reuters last week. “Yesterday it was approved. The effective date is May 1, 2029. It is a legislation to ban the energy use of coal.” The parliamentary vote followed the unveiling of a new suite of measures put forward by Environment Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen which outlined exactly how Finland would pull forward its previous 2030 coal phase-out deadline. Reports suggest the suite of policy […]


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