“Adults — if you feel uncomfortable now, you’re going to feel uncomfortable for a while. Because we’re never going to back down.” Youth Climate Strike US co-leader Isra Hirsi. © Adam Iverson Isra Hirsi just turned 16 years old. To celebrate, she came home from school and spent three hours on conference calls. Isra, a student at South High School in Minneapolis, is one of thousands of students around the world planning a massive Youth Climate Strike for March 15. With a few weeks to go, there are already strikes planned for 47 countries and almost all 50 states . Isra is one of three organizers who are bringing the movement — inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s weekly climate strikes — to the United States. I caught up with Isra to talk about her work as a student organizer and why she’s done waiting for adults to save her generation from the climate crisis. You’re not exactly new at this. How did you get started in organizing? Well, I’ve been going to protests since I was in first grade. But I started getting more involved in my freshman year of high school, so last year. I joined my […]


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