Stanley Black & Decker might be best known for making the type of power tools that you’d find at Home Depot, but the company’s newest product is designed for rural India. Nadi, a low-cost, solar-powered water pump made for farmers, is the first product from Stanley Earth , a social impact brand that the company launched today. The new brand aims to “retarget the company’s core technologies and broad partnership network to build sound business models for social good,” says Ramana Gogula, Stanley Black & Decker’s India-based vice president of clean technology innovation. [Photo: courtesy Stanley Black & Decker] A solar-powered water pump was a good place to start because pumps in use in India now pose a huge environmental challenge, he says. Right now, water pumps on farms use nearly 20% of India’s electricity–much of which still comes from coal–and others run on polluting diesel. Because electricity is often available only intermittently, farmers tend to run the pumps more than necessary when they have power, flooding fields and shrinking underground water supplies. The new pump uses a type of efficient motor that the company has previously used in tools like a type of drill. The pump can be […]


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