On Friday, March 1, 13-year-old Alexandria Villaseñor will start her morning as she has every Friday for the past three months. She’ll wake up at 8:00 A.M. and get ready for her day. But instead of going to school, like she does Monday through Thursday, she’ll leave her Manhattan home and get on a subway headed downtown, where she’ll arrive at Grand Central Station and then walk to the United Nations headquarters. Once there, she’ll again take her post as a solitary climate striker, for the 12th Friday in a row. “I sit on the bench for about four hours, or at least until I’m numb because it’s been cold,” she tells Teen Vogue of her Friday routine. “It’s been rainy. It usually decides to rain on Fridays, out of the week.” Alexandria has been picketing at the U.N. to help build U.S. support for a school strike movement that has been surging among European students for months . Partly inspired by 15-year-old Greta Thunberg, who told world leaders at a U.N. climate change summit in December that “change is coming whether they like it or not,” Alexandria says she’s undertaken her strike to fight for her own future. […]


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