Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn has solar panels on the roof , and in 2018 the company partnered with Apple and two other companies to help build new wind and solar farms so that its operations could be fully powered by renewable energy. It migrated its data storage to Google’s cloud, which also runs on renewable power. Its office is zero waste. The company has a program to help its sellers get solar panels at a discount . But the biggest part of the company’s carbon footprint–98%–comes from shipping packages. Today, Etsy became the first global e-commerce company to offset all of its emissions from shipping. Working with 3Degrees , a company that helps businesses address climate change, it will help protect a forest in Minnesota, build a wind and solar farm in India, and fund the development of a more sustainable method of making car parts. In total, the projects help reduce or capture the same amount of emissions created when Etsy’s sellers ship handmade jewelry or vintage furniture to customers. “We continue to set targets to use less energy every year,” says Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy. “But while we are doing that, we don’t need to wait […]


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