I have good news for you: I’ve found a wonderful place for your old clothes to go when you’re done with them. For Days, an innovative eco-friendly startup, will take all of your garments–no matter what the brand, or even how gross they are from years of wear. The company will even give you $4 for every item you send in, up to $50, to use on its website. Sure, I know you diligently bundle up your old clothes and send them to Goodwill, hoping they will have a happy second life in the closet of some spunky teenager or philosophy grad student. But the dark secret of the donations industry is that a lot of clothes given to donations centers end up in landfills anyway. [Photo: courtesy of For Days] In some ways, sending your old clothes to For Days is a surer bet . The company works with a range of recycling companies that either break down the clothes chemically to create new fibers (like cotton or polyester) or breaks them down mechanically by cutting them into smaller bits so that they can be used for other things, like pillow stuffing. In either case, your garment will […]


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