Some give up chocolate, others give up crisps, and some stop putting sugar in their tea. But, for Lent this year, lots of people are giving up something a little bit different: plastic. People in the UK are attempting #PlasticFreeLent, a challenge that requires giving up plastic packaging for forty days. And, it’s all because of Blue Planet II . Izzy Crouch, an open water swimmer and founder of the No Plastic Shop, has given up plastic completely for Lent. She spends a great deal of time at the beach, so she says she’s “very aware” of plastic pollution in “our seas and coastlines.” “I have been trying to gradually reduce the amount of plastic I buy and throw away,” says Crouch. She says that watching Blue Planet II “cemented” this need, in her mind. The most recent series of Blue Planet explored the devastating impact of plastic on the environment, and showed scenes of dolphins, whales, sea birds being killed as a result of plastic pollution. Unless the flow of plastics into the world’s oceans is reduced, marine life will be poisoned by them for many centuries to come #BluePlanet2 — BBC Earth (@BBCEarth) November 19, 2017 […]


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