Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Photo: AP The presidential candidate running in the name of climate change has arrived, and his name is Jay Inslee. The public’s been expecting the Washington state governor to announce his candidacy, so this comes as no surprise. Inslee finally shot his shot Friday morning when he released a video on Twitter that highlighted the governor’s long legacy combatting climate change and why he was making it his top priority in his bid for the White House. Advertisement “We’re the first generation to feel the sting of climate change,” he says in the video. With recent devastating natural disasters like the Camp Fire in California and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, he ain’t lying. While the Pacific Northwest governor has pushed the state in the right direction during his six years serving Washington through initiatives like a Clean Energy Fund to help develop the state’s clean energy technologies and a solar incentive bill to drive solar capacity, his voters failed to pass a historic equitable carbon tax that Inslee supported . Advertisement So far, many Democratic candidates have championed defeating climate change. However, none have singled it out as their top issue. But Inslee […]


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