Your grocery shopping game just changed, big-time. Because Unboxed Market , Toronto’s first brick-and-mortar zero-waste shop, has officially opened at Dundas and Dovercourt. See also And you can’t miss it—the bright yellow front doors and the warm glow of light from inside invite you in. Once you’ve entered, it’s like you’ve gone back to the future. Because the space is filled with a combination of old-fashioned jars, jugs and re-usables while maintaining a modern atmosphere. Daily Hive Toronto One of Unboxed’s major features is a café with BYO-mug coffee and beverage station. Plus treats, of course. Everything comes package-free, which encourages visitors to bring their own containers. If you forget, you can get a vessel to carry your snack in that’s totally compostable. Daily Hive Toronto Milk is sold in returnable glass bottles, which is phenomenally retro in the greatest of ways. You know, like high-waisted jeans… and scrunchies. (We stan.) In addition to all the edible goods, there’s also a section where you can fill up on shampoo, laundry detergent, and other products that help you to feel squeaky clean. Daily Hive Staff The market’s kitchen and bakery includes a smokehouse and charcuterie room, where you can enjoy […]


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