Manure Mover A new transportation option is about to hit roads in Pakistan: buses powered by cow manure. According to a Reuters report published on Wednesday, the city of Karachi will launch a transportation network called the Green Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) next year, with all 200 zero-emissions vehicles in the fleet powered by bio-methane produced from water buffalo excrement. If successful, the project could help the port city solve its transportation woes — and serve as a blueprint for other cities to roll out biopower transportation fleets. All Aboard According to the project website , Karachi’s new BRT network will cost a total of $583.5 million, with the United Nations Green Climate Fund, a local Pakistani province, and the Asian Development Bank funding the project. The network will span a corridor 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) long, providing 1.5 million residents with a clean transportation option. Considering the dearth of alternatives in the city, it’s not entirely surprising that officials estimate 320,000 passengers will take advantage of the network each day. “[Karachi’s] public transport system has totally collapsed,” commuter Afzal Ahmed told Reuters, “and most people have to use online taxi-hailing services [and] auto rickshaws.” Environmental Impact Karachi has […]


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