What the Impossible Burger did for the world of plant-based beef, a startup called Good Catch wants to do for the world of fish . Today, pouches of the company’s plant-based version of albacore tuna chunks will be available at Whole Foods, Thrive Markets, and coming to other retailers soon. [Photo: courtesy Good Catch] “Plant-based protein has been growing exponentially,” says Chad Sarno, the company’s cofounding chef. “The area that hasn’t been touched, and that we see as a white space, is the oceans.” That’s a problem at a time when most of the world’s marine fish stocks are either fully fished, overfished, or depleted; fish are eating microplastic; and factory fish farms can cause pollution and breed disease. “People are naturally thinking, ‘Oh, it’s seafood, it’s healthier than land animals,’” he says. “But they’re not looking at it from the environmental standpoint of how we need to start preserving our oceans and disrupting the factory fisheries.” [Photo: courtesy Good Catch] When the startup began developing its version of tuna a few years ago, it spent roughly a year trying to re-create the right texture. Unlike a plant-based burger or chicken, which might use a single protein, they ended […]


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