AdvanTec founder and president Brad Miller: “we talk a good story, but when it comes to actually implementing technology and creating programs that support companies like ours, we seem to be short on delivery” | Rob Kruyt Canadian politicians like to talk up the opportunities that the low-carbon economy will provide for Canadian innovators. For AdvanTec Global Innovations, the growing clean-tech industry has indeed been good for business. The sector accounts for about 40% of the specialized manufacturing company’s business. But as is often the case with Canadian clean-tech companies, there actually isn’t much of a market for some of AdvanTec’s products and services in Canada, where the products are made. The hydrogen fuel reformers it manufactures, for example – devices that turn natural gas into hydrogen for fuel cells – go mostly to South Korea. And while AdvanTec benefited from one clean-energy project in B.C. – the Site C dam project – and has high hopes for the new CleanBC plan, a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry that held so much promise has so far been a disappointment. “We’re hoping we’re going to get some work out of the LNG plants, although, sadly, so far that looks […]


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