New research shows that fixing roads is a great way to tackle climate change. A crack in a road. Source: Pixabay With Democrats in control of the House of Representatives and Republicans in control of the Senate, Congress is unlikely to produce any significant legislation on divisive issues like climate change. However, lawmakers may tackle the carbon crisis by other means, including through legislation on infrastructure, one possible area of compromise. Even if Congress fails to invest in solar energy or EV charging stations, just renovating America’s streets, highways and freeways will reduce pollution. Road repairs help drivers use less gas, reducing carbon pollution, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation . Though steamrollers and other machines generate pollution while fixing roads, filling cracks and potholes does more to limit emissions overall. “There are many ways to combat climate change from the transportation side, from the design and maintenance of roads to the utilization of renewable or clean energy for vehicles,” said Hao Wang , an associate professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering at Rutgers University and lead author of the study. He explained that filling potholes and smoothing roads […]


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