Around the globe, people are searching for ways to reduce plastic waste. Above: Dampalit, a fishing community in Manila Bay, can’t keep up with a constant influx of trash. In January, we published a special report called " A New Weapon In The War Against Plastic Waste ." It profiled Froilan Grate, a Filipino environmental activist, and his efforts to fight the non-recyclable plastic waste that is clogging miles and miles of coastline in the Philippines. Grate argues that the corporations that produce the waste should be responsible for cleaning it up. And one way he’s getting the brands’ attention is by naming and shaming the companies. We asked readers to share their questions about plastic waste. Nearly 300 questions were submitted, on topics ranging from microplastics in the ocean to how to help the activist in the story. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered by NPR correspondent Christopher Joyce and producer Rebecca Davis, who reported the story. How can I find out if the plastic I put into recycling in my community is really being recycled and not just sent to some poor country? – Sabina Qureshi Most of the plastic sent overseas has […]


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