The Sustainable Fashion Challenge Here’s an assignment for you. Open your wardrobe… The Beam Jan 31 This article was published in The Beam #7 — Subscribe now for more Here’s an assignment for you. Open your wardrobe and take a moment to look at each piece of clothing you own. Who made your favourite shirt? What about the working conditions of the person who assembled that pair of jeans? Where do all the fabrics come from? Now, check the labels. Is it still your favourite shirt? We all know the ‘Fast Fashion’ industry is a disaster for the planet and for workers, often women in the developing world who earn less than three dollars a day in unsafe conditions. It’s not as difficult or as expensive as you might think to shift to ecological and fair-trade clothing. ‘Slow Fashion’ is becoming a global movement that needs more people to create momentum. To help you make more conscious choices, here are some of our favourite sustainable brands. We have the power to change things; when we buy better we send market signals to change the system for good. #byebyefastfashion JAN ‘N JUNE Photo: Jan ‘N June “A bottle of wine, […]


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