The first step to putting out a fire is to stop throwing more fuel on the flames; the first step to getting out of a hole is to stop digging. You could dream up any number of metaphors to express it, but prosaic language works just fine too: Building any new fossil fuel infrastructure is unacceptable. And King County Council, representing the most populated and largest County in Washington state, have just demonstrated that they will not stand for a future dependent on fossil fuels. After months of campaigning, led by 350 Seattle in close coordination with dozens of allied groups, the Council voted 6 – 3 to pass an immediate moratorium that helps prevent the building of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Over the next six months, the County will be studying how to make the moratorium permanent. If you’re interested in learning more about how we won this victory and how you can do the same in your community, sign up here to receive a toolkit with more resources. Here’s a quick run down of what the moratorium will do, how it was won, and how you can join us in banning new fossil fuel projects in your […]


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