Degrowth cooperative Cargonomia has created an edible, organic public garden in the heart of the city. Our edible forest garden experiment in Budapest is part of a doctoral research project on urban agroforestry at the Szent Istvan University of Budapest, in the Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism. It was constructed in partnership with Budapest’s 14th District Council and the social Degrowth cooperative Cargonomia . The garden opened with its first tree planting event last November. The event the result of a year’s of work in networking, cooperating with different partners and actors. Our goal is to bring together planners, decision makers and experts in agroforestry and permaculture to rethink the use of public spaces in the city and democratise urban agriculture through citizens initiatives and involvement. Dynamic network We met with several researchers in agroforestry, and exchanged ideas with local NGOs whose work focuses on environment and permaculture in Budapest and with local farmers. We also connected our project with a dynamic network of community gardens in Budapest. In October 2017 we presented the project to local authorities and decision makers and found support for implementing agroforestry in the city of Budapest. Agroforestry is an ancestral practice that […]


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