California-based Motiv Power Systems has delivered the first of seven fully electric mid-sized delivery vans to the United States Postal Service this week as part of a California Air Resources Board-funded program. The new rigs utilize Ford’s E-450 platform, which get injected with a dose of modernity in the form of Motiv’s electric powertrain. Motiv is the leading supplier of electric medium-duty fleet chassis so it knows a thing or two about how to do it right. That leadership role was built on years of experience in the space, giving the United States Postal Service (USPS) confidence to move forward with the pilot, knowing that Motiv would build a robust electric powertrain that would hold up in the rain, sleet and snow that the USPS regularly runs its vehicles around in. In contrast with the gasoline and diesel delivery vehicles they will replace, the new Motiv-powered step vans are: Cleaner and quieter than ICE trucks Less expensive to fuel and maintain Up to 85-mile range per charge 106 kWh battery pack capacity The new electrified delivery rigs take Motiv’s EPIC Chassis and drop a traditional USPS step van body on top for a zero emission vehicle that looks a […]


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