Sustainable architecture from around the globe: ‘The beauty behind energy’ Here are some of the latest sustainable architectural projects coming out of Texas, Singapore and California. The Beam Jan 31 This article was published in The Beam #7 — Subscribe now for more Creating buildings with the lowest possible energy consumption and carbon emission production, while being aesthetically pleasing, is a challenge bringing together great minds to change the way we think about our living and working spaces. Photo: Miró Rivera Architects Sustainable housing for rural communities The Hill Country House serves as a beacon to show what could be: a self-sustaining home in a rural setting, independent of municipal water and energy. Situated on a sweeping Texas Hill Country meadow, this private residence is defined by a series of jagged roof peaks inspired by the rise and fall of the surrounding hills. Lovingly referred to as ‘The Sanctuary’ by its owners, an active couple of ordained ministers, and executed on a very modest budget, this modern take on the farmhouse vernacular is a place to bring people together and find spiritual renewal in a responsible, sustainable setting. The house is independent of the municipal water supply, and provides […]


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