Advanced farming techniques will be taught to 50 students at a time in the Agriculture Technology Centre, designed by Squire & Partners and SAWA in Krong Samraong, Cambodia . The school , which is built from locally sourced materials including mud bricks, cassava render, and bamboo screens, will provide further learning for students from a network of 40 primary schools established by the Green Shoots Foundation . It was constructed over a four-month period by contractors, farmers and volunteers from the UK. The Green Shoots Foundation approached Squire & Partners to design the school, as the project needed more of an architectural input that the previous centres it has delivered. The firm collaborated with architectural collective SAWA , which has experience designing schools across Africa and Asia. "A friend set up the Green Shoots charity – we’d been helping to raise money by sponsoring 10k runs – but for this new project he needed an architect and approached us," explained Tim Gledstone, partner at Squire & Partners. "Until a vision was created for an agricultural campus, it was hard for people to see something tangible to aim for," he told Dezeen. "Our masterplan created awareness of the overall ambition, […]


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