Gov. Ron DeSantis’s first directives included ordering the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure its decisions are based on the best available science. Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images Florida’s new Republican governor has moved quickly on a number of environmental priorities, but so far, he has stopped short of any comprehensive plan to cut greenhouse gas pollution. That’s a gaping hole, say environmental advocates, but they give him credit where they say it’s due. Several of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ early environmental directives are aimed at cleaning up water and helping Florida adapt to the effects of global warming, including more intense hurricanes and sea level rise that threatens to swallow parts of the state in the coming decades. He called for appointing chief science officer to coordinate scientific research, and he staked an opposition to fracking and offshore oil and gas activities. But there’s no clear call for reducing the pollution that causes global warming, and climate advocates are waiting to see who that chief science officer will be. Our stories. Your inbox. Every weekend. Some environmental advocates say it appears that DeSantis, a former congressman and Navy lawyer, is at least willing to listen to scientists on environmental and […]


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