The Climate Group targets the electrification of more than 2 million* vehicles by 2030 Cutting air pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generating financial savings among top drivers for business switch to electric vehicles (EVs) Major businesses urged to lead the EV revolution Monday February 4, 2019: More companies than ever are switching to electric vehicles, helping to combat air pollution in cities, lower business risk and future proof their operations as low emission zones are introduced globally. The Climate Group’s first report on EV100 , its global initiative to accelerate the market shift to electric transport by 2030, showcases the leadership of multinational companies including Ingka Group (formerly IKEA Group), Deutsche Post DHL Group and Bank of America. To date, The Climate Group has secured the electrification of more than 2 million vehicles by 2030. The initiative now brings together 31 leading companies with a combined revenue of over half a trillion US dollars. The report covers the commitments of 23 member companies. Together they are switching 145,000 vehicles to electric in 66 markets worldwide by 2030, saving over 6.6 million metric tons CO2e – equivalent to the carbon footprint of 1.9 million UK households. Over 95% of […]


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