If you walked into one of Salt & Straw ‘s 18 ice cream shops during the month of January, you would’ve seen a whole special menu dedicated to vegan flavors . There was a toasted coconut milk and cookies flavor, ribboned with chocolate ganache made from almond milk, and an Elvis Presley-inspired peanut butter, “bacon” (really, smoked coconut flakes), and banana combination. Another flavor featured a dead ringer for marshmallows that really were made from aquafaba –the “bean water” left over after boiling chickpeas, whipped into an ingredient resembling egg whites. The special vegan menu, say Salt & Straw cofounders Tyler and Kim Malek (they’re cousins), was actually something of a test run–starting in February, 20% of all of the company’s flavors will be entirely plant-based. [Photo: Salt & Straw] For Salt & Straw, this is a big step–one that they weren’t sure they would be able to pull off, but were determined to try. “We opened in Portland, which has one of the highest percentages of vegans in the country,” Tyler says. “We know that more and more people are choosing a plant-based diet for health and environmental reasons, and we wanted to find a way to make […]


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