The Ultimate Indoor Gardening Solution This is the FIRST indoor garden that can actually replace grocery shopping! Grow 90 fruits and vegetables at a time with just 5 minutes of maintenance per week. We’re launching soon ! Enter your email to be notified when it becomes available for purchase and receive an exclusive discount . Year Round Gardening No matter the conditions outside, grow up to 90 fruit and veggies at once, with 20 different kinds to choose from! Have a beautiful garden year-round, guaranteed. Low Maintenance Fresh, great tasting, healthy food with only 5 minutes of maintenance per week! Using automatic lighting and watering, Ogarden does all the work without any noise, humidity, or odor. Healthy & Eco-Friendly 98% less pollution than typical agriculture. Using seeds made of organic soil, organic fertilizer, NON-GMO seeds, and a biodegradable net, creates produce that is safe for eating and sustainable for our planet! We are launching soon! Enter your email for more information and be notified when it becomes available for purchase.


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