If there’s one place you may be forgiven for drinking bottled water, it’s out on the ocean open. After all, where would you get fresh drinking water when you’re in the middle of the Pacific? Oceania Cruises isn’t letting all that salty water stop it from trying to protect the environment, though. It just announced a new sustainability initiative that could help eliminate millions of plastic water bottles per year through a new partnership with Vero Water , a water purification company. As part of the cruise line’s OceaniaNEXT initiative, its ships will be outfitted with Vero Water’s distillation systems, which will not only eliminate an estimated 3 million plastic bottles per year, but provide guests with both still and sparkling water. Installation of the Vero Water systems on Oceania’s fleet will be between April and June 2019, so if you take a cruse in July, expect to see lots of mermaids, whale sharks, turtles, porpoises, pirates, and manatees swimming alongside the boats and demanding sparkling water*. While it’s a great first step, even green cruising is still pretty terrible for the environment , but at least cruise companies are becoming increasingly aware of the situation, and some are […]


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