© Wildlife Web This clever card game gets players’ animals to cooperate or compete with one another, while foraging for food and raising offspring. In a world saturated with electronic devices and a surfeit of addictive apps, time spent on a screen is increasing – both for kids and their parents . Unfortunately, we’re also hearing from experts about how this increased screen time is negatively affecting our collective well-being, from the rise of nature deficit disorder , to alarming developmental delays in children . So it makes sense to offset these modern-day impacts with some old-fashioned leisure activities, like board games or playing cards – preferably ones with an ecological twist. That’s the idea behind Wildlife Web , a dynamic ecology strategy game that engages players to experience what life is like for a red-tailed hawk or yellow-bellied marmot – foraging for food, raising young and defending against predators. © Wildlife Web Incidentally, the game is inspired by a popular children’s card game, as its creator, Montana-based author and educator Thomas J. Elpel , explains: While enjoying Pokémon card games with my son, I discovered that he knew the names and life histories of countless imaginary animals. That […]


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