As major motorcycle manufacturers around the world grapple with a new era of EVs , Ducati could be the next to roll out an electric motorcycle. That’s according to the company’s CEO who just confirmed Ducati’s commitment to developing a production electric motorcycle. An electric Ducati is coming While Ducati doesn’t currently have any production electric motorcycles to its name, the famed Italian motorcycle manufacturer is no stranger to EVs. Ducati has produced multiple electric bicycles in partnership with other companies. The company also previously worked with the Milan Polytechnic School of Design to develop an electric Ducati concept, the Ducati Zero. The company’s CEO Claudio Domenicali was even spotted riding an electric conversion Ducati Hypermotard that had been gifted a Zero FX powertrain. Ducati Hypermotard with Zero FX conversion by Tony Kalniev Now though, Domenicali is removing any doubt about Ducati’s intentions. Speaking at a Motostudent event in Spain, the Ducati CEO told the crowd : “The future is electric, we’re not far from starting series production.” This isn’t the first time that Ducati has expressed its intentions to develop an electric motorcycle. Back in 2017, the Managing Director of Ducati Western Europe Edouard Lotthé revealed that Ducati […]


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