Public Domain Max Pixel It’s not just consumers who are driving change in the food industry. For the longest time, discussions around changing the food industry have centered on diets. Whether it was farm-to-fork eating , freeganism or the rise of the vegans and flexitarians , the choices people make have been gradually influencing the food that stores and restaurants offer—perhaps most notably in White Castle’s recent embrace of the Impossible Slider . While I am sometimes skeptical of the green movement’s focus on lifestyle change as the relevant lever for change, food is one area where consumers do indeed have a lot of power. And that’s for the simple reason that (most of us) eat every day and have to buy that food from somewhere. But consumer choice isn’t the only lever we can pull. Just as important in a globalized food system is the power of investors to demand change and manage climate risk. And just as investors have been demanding change of power companies and car manufacturers, a coalition of institutional investors with US$6.5 trillion is now demanding significantly more robust climate action from the world’s largest fast food companies. Coordinated by sustainable investing alliances CERES […]


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