10 months ago, CleanTechnica’s Kyle Field wrote about the plans for the first municipality in Denmark to convert its bus fleet to all-electric . Now, the local media TV2 Lorry reports that the buses are ready to ship from China. In fact, Johnny Hansen, CEO of the company in charge, Umove , went there to make sure that the buses are shipped on time to the town of Roskilde with 50,000 residents. Umove East is the subsidiary that won the tender in early 2018 to add a fleet of 20 electric buses including service facilities to the city. In Roskilde Municipality, close to a million miles is covered by bus each year, and silence is coming to all that travel. All of the city’s old diesel buses are to be replaced by the electric alternative. When the electric buses are fully phased in, the transition from diesel to electricity will save the environment 1,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Roskilde is situated at a north facing fjord, and in recent years strong wind from the north has caused a lot of problems with flooding. That kind of thing is apparently what’s needed to motivate politicians to make changes. […]


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