BNEF research finds electric cars charged with electricity from power stations emit 40% less CO2 than vehicles with internal combustion engines The difference is greater in the UK due to our large renewable energy industry Sales of electrified cars are at record high, with almost 60k bought in 2018 However, 74% of sales were plug-in hybrids rather than pure electric cars Ultra-low emissions vehicles accounted for just 2.5% of all car sales last year Are electric cars any greener than conventional petrol and diesels when they use electricity generated by coal-fired power stations? It’s become a heated debate, but a new report looks to set the record straight with scientific data. Analysis by research organisation BloombergNEF found that CO2 emissions produced by electric vehicles charged with non-renewable power are still 40 per cent lower than the outputs of cars with internal combustion engines. EVs are greener: A new report said electric cars charged using power from coal-fired power stations still produce 40% less CO2 than petrol and diesel vehicles The global study also found that the UK had the most significant difference between the CO2 outputs of combustion-engine vehicles and electric cars running on power supplied by power stations. […]


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