The world’s greenest and most sustainable companies have been highlighted in two parallel reports published this week by CDP, the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform, and Canadian media and research company Corporate Knights, with the common thread in both lists being the consistent economic performance of companies committed to fighting climate change and addressing environmental issues. The two lists are each based on their own specific methodology and, in the case of Corporate Knights’ Global 100, is relatively involved. (If you want to read their methodology, click here ( PDF ).) Further, Corporate Knights is ranking corporate sustainability, whereas CDP is ranking companies which are pioneering action on climate change, water, and deforestation. CDP, therefore, bases its list on the companies who are already disclosing their environmental action to the company, analyzed against a diverse range of metrics including transparency, target-setting, and awareness of risks and opportunities, and then according to climate change, water security, and forests. While Corporate Knights narrows its list down to 100, CDP ranks all 6,349 companies that disclose their information. Companies disclosing to CDP do so at the request of over 650 investors with assets totaling $87 trillion and/or 115 major purchasing organizations with […]


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