LONG BEACH, CA–(eSolarEnergyNews)– California State University, Long Beach and SunPower announced today that construction is underway on a 4.8-megawatt SunPower® Helix™ Carport solar power system at two university parking areas. CSULB will purchase the solar power generated by the system under a power purchase agreement that offers competitive rates, enabling the university to offset approximately 15 percent of campus electrical load with clean, renewable solar power. "With the cost-competitive solar generated by our SunPower® systems, the university will control electricity costs and reduce our carbon footprint, servi ng our goal to achieve climate neutral operations by 2030," said David Salazar, associate vice president at CSULB. "CSULB is proud to support California and the nation in our transition to clean and renewable energy sources to fight climate change and its negative effects on our students, staff and community by increasing our reliance on solar power. SunPower’s experience partnering with universities is as important to us as the proven high performance of its technology." The SunPower Helix platform is the world’s first fully-integrated solar solution for commercial customers. Available for installation as a carport, on the roof, or as a ground-mounted technology, Helix is a pre-engineered, modular solution designed to deliver […]


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