If you’re in your twenties or early thirties, there’s a good chance that you move fairly frequently for school or work. And there comes a point in every young person’s life when you realize your Ikea bookshelf will simply not make it through yet another cross-country move. But it’s hard to invest in expensive, well-made furniture if you’re probably going to move again soon. Fernish is here to solve the problem . The startup was founded by Michael Barlow and Lucas Dickey to help people rent from hip millennial brands like Crate & Barrel, Floyd, and Campaign. Fernish will rent you an armchair for $18 a month, and a desk for $8, then totally refurbish it for the next renter. Today, the brand announces a new investment of $30 million led by Real Estate Technology Ventures, with participation from Intuit’s founder Scott Cook and Amazon’s head of global consumer, Jeff Wilke. Fernish plans to use the money to scale. The idea of renting, rather than buying, furniture is nothing new. Rent-a-Center and CORT have been doing it for years. But Fernish wants to win over millennials by giving them access to trendy furniture brands with a clear design aesthetic […]


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