The world’s largest packaged food company is finally taking some drastic steps to reduce its plastic footprint. Nestlé, which is on track to report nearly $90 billion in revenue for 2018, will begin eliminating all plastic straws in its products starting this February, and transition its chocolate milk brand Nesquik from plastic to paper. These are some of the first formal plans announced after Nestlé’s 2018 promise to eliminate all single-serve plastic from its line–and to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. To accomplish this, the company revealed its Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences last December. At this development lab in Switzerland, Nestlé will invent and test new packaging solutions to be used across its 2,000 brands , from Dog Chow to DiGiornio. The company–at least based on its public rhetoric–seems to understand the scope of the problem of recycling. While it’s technologically possible to recycle many plastics, it’s often not all that feasible or profitable for the often privately owned recycling centers around the world to actually do so. (For instance, see this story on why you should not be eating anything out of black plastic .) Nestlé Research in Lausanne (Vers-chez-les-Blanc), Switzerland [Photo: […]


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