Urban farming group members show their harvest in Kebayoran Lama Selatan, South Jakarta. (Warta Kota/Feryanto Hadi ) Urban farming groups in South Jakarta have proven that citizens of the capital can produce their own vegetables despite the city’s limited space. Kebayoran Lama Selatan subdistrict head Fachrudin announced on Thursday that two farming groups in the area had produced 149 kilograms of vegetable crops. “Some of the yield is sold to other residents while other parts are shared among those who took good care of the farm,” Fachrudin said as reported by wartakota.tribunnews.com . The yield amount, Fachrudin added, had proven that the residents had the ability to plant their own vegetables, despite limited garden space and difficulties in finding the proper planting soil in the capital city. All 12 community units (RWs) in his area have their own farming group. “We keep encouraging residents to leverage space around their houses for urban farming because that could support their economy,” he said. Kebayoran Lama Maritime, Fisheries and Food Security Agency officer Yosiah Anis said farming groups in the subdistrict were now independent and no longer needed seed supplies from the agency. “At first, the agency supported them with seeds. But, […]


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