Tesla is partnering with PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay to design a new “near zero-emission” distribution facility that will involve a whole fleet of Tesla Semi electric trucks, along with a few other electric vehicles, a charging system, some Tesla energy storage systems and a solar array. The project is part of the California Air Resources Board and San Joaquin Valley’s effort to reduce air pollution, which has been a real issue in the region. They have approved Frito-Lay’s $30,764,486 project and the state will contribute half the funds. With the money, they plan to retrofit the company’s Modesto facility, one of Frito-Lay’s largest food facilities, to become “a bold and transformative effort that will yield a world-renowned showcase for economically and environmentally sustainable manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.” They listed the new equipment that will be tested as part of the project in a filing: 15 heavy-duty Tesla battery electric trucks 6 Peterbilt e220 battery electric straight trucks 3 battery electric BYD yard trucks 12 Iron-Phosphate battery electric BYD forklifts 38 Volvo trucks fueled with ultra-low carbon renewable natural gas On-site renewable energy generation (solar PV) Energy storage systems from Tesla Electric vehicle supply equipment A publicly accessible renewable natural gas fueling […]


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