Paul and Cat Moffat run Cut the Wrap, a zero-waste shop in Ulverston, Cumbria. The shop is still to have its first birthday but has already been nominated for ethical business of the year award by the Federation of Small Businesses. They spoke to Environment Journal about weening the public off large supermarkets and why sourcing locally might be easier than you think. What has been the reaction from the local community in Ulverston to the shop? The shop has been so well received- there was a queue to get in on our opening day! People are genuinely surprised at how inexpensive buying just the amount of goods they require can be. We have had people thank us for opening, plastic reduction is at the forefront of so many people’s thoughts and, quite rightly, featuring heavily in the media currently. How do you encourage the public to support shops that use a sustainable food chain when it is often more expensive to shop there? We are providing a shopping experience that fulfils so much more for the ethical consumer than just price and our slogan is ‘Save the planet, Save your pocket’. We often create window displays based around […]


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