Understandably, California is very worried about wildfires. Last year, the state suffered its most deadly blaze on record. For Nevada City, a town of 3,100 people right at the edge of the Tahoe National Forest, the concern is especially heightened. “There is little need to stress how important it is to the safety and well-being of Nevada City citizens and neighboring residents that we reduce the fire load in our surrounding forests and neighborhoods,” the city’s vice mayor, Reinette Senum, wrote in a GoFundMe that’s now trending quickly toward its goal of $30,000. The fundraiser aims to pool the resources of Nevada City residents to help clear the surrounding forests of brush and reduce the risk of wildfire. And Nevada City wants to do this in both a proven and very cute way: by setting goats loose on the underbrush. Sheep like to eat grass, and goats chomp on low-lying trees and bushes that are a particular cause for concern in high wildfire-risk areas. According to the GoFundMe (obviously, called Goat Fund Me Nevada City), Nevada City officials have already begun to work with local ranchers on the launch of a prescriptive grazing program. The city owns around 450 […]


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