F&B staff hold Revolv containers. Revolv, which is already operational in Hong Kong and Bali (above), is launching in Singapore, taking aim at single-use plastic. Image: Revolv on Instagram A new service is launching in Singapore that enables consumers to rent rather than buy containers for food and drink deliveries, and so cut single-use plastic out of takeaways. When people use the Revolv service, they order a takeaway drink or meal and leave a deposit for the containers. They get the deposit back after returning the containers to a drop-off point for cleaning and reuse. Revolv “re-users” are entitled to discounts and special offers. The company launched in Hong Kong and Bali last year on the back of US$500,000 in funding from Hong Kong-based hedge fund Sylebra, and is looking to secure more funding to aid the Singapore launch. Revolv’s containers—which will be made from stainless steel and rice husks—will be tracked using radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags in the same way that bike-share firms in Singapore track their two-wheelers. The drop-off points will be located within participating retailers, where the containers will be cleaned for re-use. There is a growing environmental awareness in Singapore, but people are very busy. […]


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